Matthew 7:12 is known as the Golden Rule. We are commanded to treat others as we would want to be treated.
We aspire to apply Christs' example to our lives and our way of doing business. I want to be the breeder that I would want to buy a puppy from. Golden Rule is more than our name it's our life philosophy.

Ruca puppy
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“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Matthew 7:12



Golden Rule Doodles is a small family operation. We may be newer to breeding, but we are adhering to the knowledge, science and experience of fellow breeders and veterinarians.
There is a right way and wrong way to breed. We hope to shed light on poor breeding practices by showing how breeding can be done properly. 
Together as a family we proud of what we are accomplishing. We look forward to providing puppies to the best homes and bettering the goldendoodle breed.



Finally, doodles. Or more specifically goldendoodles. I will forever be a goldendoodle fan, and we can't wait to share the love of goldendoodles with you.



My Journey


I have lived in New Mexico most of my life. I married my husband in 2009, and we have since had three beautiful children. I am a dental hygienist by trade, homeschool our children, we have chickens, rabbits, and all the normal domestic obligations. Needless to say I am busy, so starting a breeding program is a decision I did not take lightly.  I fell in love with the idea of breeding and starting my own program while looking for a family pet. I realized finding a quality, ethical breeder in my immediate area was difficult. I spent countless hours researching and learning about breeding, genetics, health testing and all the other dynamics of starting a breeding program.
My whole life I always assumed breeders were evil people exploiting dogs for profits. I thought they sold dogs with health problems, just so people could have a purebred or designer dog. Although those types of people are out there and deceiving people all the time. I quickly learned that a well ran breeding program can produce healthy puppies while keeping the happiness of the parent dogs a top priority. In fact, a breeder has a huge impact on what kind of dog each puppy will become by safely introducing them into a new scary world. Puppies from great breeders are carefully molded with love. A little bit of the breeder is imprinted on every puppy. I knew if I did start to breed I did not want to be a "backyard breeder." I wanted to be the best breeder I could. I chose to join GANA as an apprentice and learn as much as I could before I actually started breeding.  This group of fine breeders are choosing to breed ethically, responsibly, and bettering goldendoodles as a breed. I can not wait to get to know our future families, and help bring them the happiness of a new puppy.