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About Golden Rule Doodles

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Matthew 7:12


As a Christian, faith is required. Having faith also requires trust. Faith and trust in Christ and His word, the Bible. Having faith can be hard at times, and starting a breeding program took "a leap of faith".  I aspire to be a good example of a Christian, not for my own vain reasons, but rather to glorify God.

Matthew 7:12 is known as the Golden Rule. We are commanded to treat others as we would want to be treated. We aspire to apply Christs commandment to our lives and our way of doing business. I am the breeder that I would want to buy a puppy from. The Golden Rule is more than our name it's my life philosophy. I believe if we all just applied this simple rule to our lives the world would be a better place. 

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At Golden Rule Doodles everything is done as a family. Our home is full of love, but it is definitely not boring. Our children help with desensitizing the puppies to children but in a controlled gentile way. We have small farm animals that will also help puppies become easily adjusted to your existing pets. All of us help and contribute to better our program in one way or another. Together we make it all work and as a family we are proud of what we are accomplishing. We look forward to connecting to other families through our puppies.  


Finally, doodles. Or more specifically golden doodles. I will forever be a golden doodle fan, and we can't wait to share the love of golden doodles with you. Our girls have stolen our hearts, they have a connection to me and my kids like I have never experienced. They are gentle, fluffy, cute but most importantly very people oriented and love to be loved!

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Meet your breeder...

My Journey

My and the doggies

     Hi, I’m Jennifer. I have lived in New Mexico most of my life. I try to keep God central in my life and in the decisions I make. I have not always been a Christian, but now looking back at my path in life I know God has made everything I have possible. I married my husband in 2009, and we have since had three beautiful children. I have been a dental hygienist since 2010, I homeschool our children, we have chickens, rabbits, and all the normal domestic obligations. Needless to say I am busy, so starting a breeding program is a decision I did not take lightly. 

     When our first dog was getting older we decided it was time to add another puppy to the family. After meeting my bosses three golden doodles I was sold, they were the perfect dog. While searching for our new addition I fell in love with everything about breeding. I spent countless hours researching, learning about breeding, color and coat genetics, health testing and all the other dynamics that go into breeding and operating a breeding program. With my husbands support we decided to go for it. I connected with some other breeders to learn about all aspects of breeding.  

     As a child I had several pets that died prematurely, suffered from anxiety, and had less than desirable temperaments. Looking back I now know some of these issues could have been avoided with proper health testing and positive early interactions with the world. We loved our animals but they could have had better chances in life had they had a better start. I previously thought all breeders were exploiting dogs for profits. I believed all purebreds had health problems due to inbreeding. I thought people bought dogs from breeders just so they could have a purebred or designer dog. Boy was I wrong! I quickly learned that an ethical breeding program will produce healthy puppies, keep the happiness of the parent dogs a top priority and have a positive impact on how a puppy interacts with the world. We breeders assist the mother dog in these critical early weeks by empowering each puppy to face a new scary world. Puppies from great breeders are carefully molded with love and a little bit of the breeder is imprinted on every puppy. I knew if I did start to breed I did not want to be a "backyard breeder." I wanted to be the best breeder I could. I chose to join GANA, follow the badass breeder method and glean knowledge from as many knowledgeable breeders as I could.  These fine breeders are choosing to breed ethically, responsibly, and giving all these puppies the best start to a great life. I can not wait to get to know our future Golden Rule families and my goal is to leave golden doodle paw prints on each families heart.

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