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What You Get With Your GR Puppy

All puppies will receive appropriate veterinary care at the appropriate age. This includes two year health guarantee (see below), age appropriate vaccines, deworming, microchipping, puppy starter pack, purchase contract, a 30 day free subscription to Trupanion pet insurance for the unforeseen and lifetime support from me, the breeder.


I do ENS (early neurological stimulation) and ESI (early scent introduction) from day 3- 16. Our puppies are raised using a combination of Badass Breeder puppy curriculum and Puppy Culture. This will help your puppy know their new world is safe and give you the best possible start in training. All curriculum is designed around the puppies development age, and helps shape and mold stronger, healthier and well adjusted dogs from the beginning.


We start crate training, potty training and behavior training. This does not mean that your puppy will go home and not need any more training. What it does mean is that we have taken time and effort to help you and your puppy get a jump start at being successful in your home. Guidance will be offered to help you continue this journey once your puppy goes home. I do encourage families to research as much as possible about training ahead of time so issues can be avoided. We have made this easy by partnering with Baxter and Bella online puppy school. Click below to be redirected to their site to learn more. Use code GRD25 at checkout to receive a 25% discount.

Health Warrenty

We do everything in our power to ensure your puppy lives a long, healthy life. If your puppy develops a life altering genetically inherited disease that we can currently test for with in the first two years, you will be given a refund of 100% of your puppies purchase price less the reservation fee, or first pick of the next available litter. This is of course subject to veterinary diagnosis and we reserve the right to request a second opinion from our veterinarian.

All of our parent dogs are tested to the highest standards. This includes full genetic DNA panels that identify genetically inheritable conditions. This includes common diseases found in both Poodles and Golden Retrievers.  We test for sound hips, elbows, patella luxation, heart and eyes with Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA). Hips health can not be warrantied because so many environmental factors can play a role in the development of hip dysplasia. Age appropriate exercise and weight management are the greatest factors in controlling hip dysplasia and recommendations and guidance will be given. Please visit the Goldendoodles Association of North America website if you would like more details on the health testing standards we are required to meet.

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