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All puppies are $2500 plus NM state sales tax​. 

$500 non-refundable deposit is applied to total purchase price which is due at time the puppies leaves the breeder. Payments can be made ahead of time. This published price will be honored if a reservation is made unless puppy selection is deferred for two litters. Pricing is subject to change if a reservation has not been made.

How to get a puppy

  1. Please fill out a contact request form, call or text. I will reach out to you for a phone interview and you can be placed on our reservation list. A phone interview is the best way to understand you and your situation. As a breeder one of my jobs is to place the right puppy with the right family. Ultimately, the choice will be yours as to what puppy will be placed in your home.  I will offer strong recommendations of which puppy is the right fit.

  2. Our reservation lists are currently open, you will have the option to choose to be on a specific reservation for a specific breeding pair or on a next available list. To get on our reservation list, a non-refundable deposit of $500 will be collected, and a contract will be sent for you to sign. Once the contract is signed and payment is collected your spot will be secured in the order received. Color and gender can not be guaranteed as well as timing or the number of puppies in a litter.

  3. If your needs can not be met or there are less than seven viable puppies your reservation will be held for a future litter and still applied to the total purchase price. If there are additional puppies available in a litter you can choose to change your reservation to the next available pick. If you choose to pass on a puppy we can only guarantee the price of a puppy at the time the deposit was made for two litters. Your reservation will still be active but you will be subject to pricing increases. 

  4. The breeder reserves the right to first choice pick.

  5. Seven spots will be reserved per litter prior to birth.

  6. If you are contacted in regard to your reservation and you fail to respond in 72 hours your place will be made available to the next reservation holder.

  7. Puppy picks will be will not be decided until approximately week 7 as many personality changes can occur prior. Puppies will go home between 8 and 9 weeks old. Or longer if I determine a puppy is not ready.

  8. Payment is due in full at the time puppies go home. Payment can be made in advance if you would like. Checks/ money orders will be accepted if payment is made two weeks in advance of go home. 

  9. All our puppies are sold as pets with a strict and enforced spay or neuter requirement. It has been proven that dogs spayed too early can have health issues. We do recommend waiting till your puppy is around 9 months to spay or neuter. We of course are not vets so please consult with your vet about the appropriate age to spay or neuter. Proof of spay or neuter must be submitted by 12 months of age. Unless, prior arrangements have been made with me.

  10. We reserve the right to refuse to sell a puppy to anyone we choose for any reason. If a reservation fee was placed and I no longer will sell you a puppy, your money would be refunded in full.

  11. We are committed to placing our puppies in the best homes possible, and out of shelters and rescues. We claim responsibility for each puppy for life. The buyer will agree to contact us first if they are no longer able to keep their pet. We will assist them in finding a new approved home or they can be returned to us. The buyer will be responsible for transportation and veterinary care that is required in this rehoming process.

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