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Breeder or social media influencer?

When I decided to start breeding I didn't realize the demands of social media and website design. I purposely remained incognito online. I deleted my Facebook app, never attempted Instagram and definitely never thought I would ever have my own website. By becoming a breeder I am now part veterinarian, dog trainer, dog groomer, canine geneticists, social media influencer and web designer. I have had to learn how to start a business from the ground up, create an LLC, create an EIN number, design a logo and worse of all put my self and my family out in the world of social media and on the internet. I haven't even had my first solo litter yet! Phew!

I am not saying this to congratulate myself or for a pity party it is merely to say that breeding is hard. It is hard for the emotional demands we face, the demonization breeders face from the adopt don't shop crowd, not to mention the hate we get from purebred breeders for doodling dogs. Luckily, this will not stop me. I have never wanted to breed more than I do now. The positives far out way the negatives.

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