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What are Goldendoodles

  • Golden doodles are a purpose bred hybrid of a poodle and a golden retriever. They are bred for a variety of reasons including companion animals, emotional support dogs and for their low shedding, low allergen traits. A golden doodle can have any percentage of both breeds depending on the generation and inherited genetics. They are well known for their intelligence, people oriented nature and fun loving personalities.

  • Golden doodles get their low shedding and low allergen traits from the poodle genetics. A properly bred golden doodle with have hair and not fur. Their hair, like ours will not shed like a typical dog but instead is lost when the hair dies and falls out. This will be most noticeable when they are bathed and brushed. Hair also continues to grow if not trimmed or cut. They do require special grooming needs. This is an important need to factor into the care and cost requirements of owning a golden doodle.

  • Contrary to popular belief a Golden doodle is not necessarily hypoallergenic and we do not claim they will be. Allergens can vary widely from person to person. Typically a person that suffers from an allergy to dog dander can tolerate golden doodles. Not all golden doodles are created equal. Some generations and or genetics of doodles are more suitable for the allergy sufferer.  If you are allergic to saliva, unfortunately, you will be allergic to all dogs. If you would like to learn more about golden doodles please click below. If you have questions about allergy tolerances or any other concerns please reach out.

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