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Available Puppies

Summer/ Fall 2023

Thank you so much for your interest in one of our puppies. At this time we have some reservations open on Maeby and Ruca's recent litters of multigenerational goldendoodles. Maeby's litter arrived August 30, 2023,  they are due to go home Late October 2023. Ruca's litter arrived September 5, 2023. See below for details on these litters and availability.

Maeby's South Carolina Litter.

charleston 1.jpg
Ruby 2.jpg
Cayce 2.jpg
darlington 3.jpg
Kershaw 3.jpg
Aiken 1.jpg
trenton 3.jpg
Joanna 1.jpg
Chesney 1.jpg
iva 1.jpg

Maeby welcomed 10 precious puppies August 30, 2023. Go home day is planned for October 28th. She is enjoying motherhood and tending to her puppies like a natural. We decided to name this litter after towns in South Caroline since that is where she was born.

With this pairing we expect to result in medium sized (40-55lbs full grown). Size cannot be guaranteed as this is a new pairing. Mom is 55 pounds and dad is 40lbs. They all have apricot to red coloring with tuxedo markings (white spots on head, chest, tail and/or feet) and a low to no shedding coat. The coat textures will be wavy or straight. We do have openings on this litter.

Vandenbark Doodles Tucker- Sire
Parti Goldendoodle
Golden Rule Doodles Maeby- Dam
F1 Goldendoodle

Reservation List

1) Breeder option

2) Ginger

3) Kari

4) Peng

5) Open

6) Open

7) Open

8) Open

9) Open

10) Open

September 2023

Ruca's Indiana Litter

goldendoodle puppy
Goldendoodle puppy
Cute goldendoodle
Golden doodle puppy
red golden doodle puppy

Ruca welcomed 5 beautiful babies September 5, 2023. 4 boys and 1 girl

This pairing will ideally result in miniature multigenerational, 30-35lbs full grown (size cannot be guaranteed as this is a new pairing).  All puppies will have low to no shedding coats.  Coat types could be straight, wavy or curly.

Subscribe for updates, at this time Ruca's litter has been reserved!!

Vandenbark Doodles Charlie-Sire
miniature goldendoodle
Golden Rule Doodles Ruca- Dam
Goldendoodle dog

Reservation List

1) Kiley

2) Chris

3) Burkett Family

4) Pam and Don

5) Lama



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