big doodle


F1 Standard Goldendoodle

Maeby is our silly, happy go lucky matriarch of Golden Rule. Born January 19, 2021. She came all the way from South Carolina and has made a lasting impression on us ever since. She loves children and other dogs. She is happiest with her head in your lap or getting belly rubs. We predict she will be ready for breeding Fall 2022. 

Health Information:

Embark genetic Panel: one copy of low ALT

OFA hips: Good

OFA patellas/elbows: Normal

OFA eyes: Normal

OFA heart: Normal

GANA Blue ribbon certification: Yes



F1 Medium Goldendoodle

Ruca was the second to join our team. She was born June 13, 2021 and comes all the way from Indiana. She comes from a GANA Blue ribbon breeder, meaning both parents are certified with GANA. She has been a great companion for Maeby and they are two peas in a pod.  

Embark genetic Panel: one copy of IVDD (non affected)

OFA hips: pending

OFA patellas/elbows: pending

OFA eyes: normal

OFA heart: pending

GANA Blue ribbon certification: pending



We currently do not own our own stud dogs. We are using other GANA blue ribbon studs from other programs. If you are interested in helping us add a stud to our guardian program please click below.