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Adopt or Shop Responsibly

As a breeder I feel it is important to address the adopt don’t shop mentality head on. I have adopted many pets in the past and loved them all. I will say all of them came with issues. My life now can not afford the what ifs a rescue dog can bring. Contrary to popular belief most rescue dogs have not been abused but instead have had a traumatic introduction to life that brings generalized fear. Generalized fear is one of the hardest things to deal with as a pet owner. I believe there is a place in the world for both adoption and responsible breeding. Breeders are doing their best to bring healthy stable pets to loving homes. A well bred dog gives you an advantage but not a guarantee to having success with an animal. Rescue animals generally have unknown genetics and possible health deficiencies that we as breeders can control. I believe education and responsible pet ownership should be the solution, not government intervention or shaming responsible breeding practices. If we only rescue dogs we are only supporting irresponsible breeding practices.

As a responsible breeder my goal is to never contribute to shelters or rescue organizations. If a puppy that I have bred can not stay in its home I will welcome it back or help to find it a new home. This is what responsible breeding looks like.

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