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The struggle is real!!

I am struggling today! 😖

Fade to the back story...I had a crazy idea about two years ago to start a breeding program and it has been non stop since then. Training my girls, health clearances, and starting a company from the ground up.

It all came to a head January 21, 2023 when my girl was ready to breed. Snow storm after snow storm hit our area. After four trips to the vet an hour and a half North of us for progesterone testing it was time to breed. The stud almost didn't make it to the vet due to weather, but he did. They shipped the semen overnight from Denver to Albuquerque but the weather could delay the shipment. I need to pick it up at 9 am the next day. I woke up at 5 am to travel to Albuquerque. The roads were solid ice and snow for three hours. After risking my life to make this breeding happen, I made it in time to pick up the package and drive another hour to the vet for a TCI. I met another breeder there and made a friend ☺️.

The vet took us back after waiting an hour, Ruca was not happy. He checked her teeth, I put her on the table and we proceeded with the TCI. He tried three times and then we were done. $800 later I was back on the road to drive home. It seemed like God was making this possible for us

Fast forward to yesterday I had a gut feeling Ruca was not pregnant. She wasn't. Two years of hard work and a big failure!! I have been crying off and on since I found out not because of the money I lost but because I let so many people down including myself.

My dream is on hold and it is way harder to swallow than I thought. Breeding is hard and I know this makes me want to try even harder. I am sorry to those who were counting on this to work but in the end He ☝🏼 is in control. I thought because so many doors were opened this was my shot. But God is choosing to keep me humble and have me work harder. Don't get me wrong I am very blessed. But the struggle is real!

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